Tieto populárne instagramové účty vás presvedčia, že mať nedokonalé telo je úplne normálne

Tieto populárne instagramové účty vás presvedčia, že mať nedokonalé telo je úplne normálne

Sledovanie takých ľudí na Instagrame, ktorí sa cítia dobre sami so sebou a pritom nie sú dokonalí, má veľmi pozitívny vplyv na naše duševné zdravie. Hnutie za sebalásku získalo za posledný rok obrátky a čoraz viac osobností sa rozhodlo odmietnuť štandardy krásy. Mať nedokonalé telo je predsa úplne normálne.

Vrátane slávnych sa do hnutia zapojili aj bežní ľudia, ktorí na rozšírenie svojich pozitívnych myšlienok využívajú sociálne siete. Azda najväčšmi práve Instagram. Týchto 16 profilov vás presvedčí, že ku kráse netreba dokonalosť, stačí, keď sa prijmete a budete sa vo svojej koži cítiť pohodlne.

Aj keď nespadá pod veľkosť S.

@radhikasanghani – 4,088 sledovateľov

Radhika Sanghani je žurnalistka, spisovateľka a tvorkyňa #sideprofileselfie kampane, ktorá povzbudzuje ľudí k láske ku svojim veľkým nosom. „Prestaňme nenávidieť svoje nosy len preto, lebo nie sú dokonalé a prijmime ich!” hovorí.

@libbyshappyproject – 6,806 sledovateľov

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There should be no qualification process to determine your right to live and exist only as you are and want to be. You were not born to tick boxes. You do not breathe to be suffocated by standards and expectations. You do not respire to conform. You do not move to be confined to 'norms', whatever the hell they are. You exist to exist; to just be, and to grow. So grow, into whoever you may be. 🌿 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ Comment theme of the day: tag somebody you love and tell them what makes them special to you 💙 #nonbinary ⠀ #bopowarrior#riotsnotdiets#bodypositive#bodyconfidence#bodyconfident#bopoart#art#bodyart#illustration#bodypositivepower#inspo#inspiration#mybadassbody#lfl#feminist#feminism#donewithdieting#beinclusive#inclusive#mentalhealth#health#nude#nudeart#nakedart#naked#bopo#love#l4l#f4f

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Libby Phillips je ilustrátorka a veľká zástankyňa sebalásky. Kreslí jednoduché obrázky s dôležitými posolstvami a kopíruje každodenný život obyčajnej ženy. Určite sa oplatí sledovať.

@bodypositivepear – 10,4 tisíc sledovateľov

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It fascinates me that the human brain is so easily manipulated. Over the years we have been manipulated into seeing fat as being unattractive. We have been brainwashed into thinking that any fat on our bodies is ugly. We deem fat people to be unnatractive, alongside other incorrect associations such a laziness, greed, poor hygiene, and lack of intelligence. It didn't take long, either, for our society to be repulsed by fat. And before you fat shamers start with "we are totalllllyyy programmed to see it as unattractive because it's unheeealllthyyyyy", you're wrong. A) being fat is not synonymous with being unhealthy but also b) fat used to be the "ideal". Fat used to represent wealth and health because it meant that you could afford to eat and were well nourished. Being thin signified that you were poor, underfed, and malnourished. You'll find that what we are genetically programmed to find attractive is a lot more subtle. The more overt things are what we have been TOLD to find attractive. Like thinness. We are a product of the beauty standards of our time. You'll also find that there are those who give in to that notion easily and will ostracise fat people and encourage the marginalisation of those with fat bodies. You'll find those who live in denial that they find fat people attractive because it's not socially acceptable to find fat people sexy. There are those who think that their fat partner is the only fat person they've found attractive because they "totally don't condone being fat". And you'll find those keepers who just don't give a fuck and reject our small-minded, prejudiced, fatphobic society and who see it as it is. But ya know, fat isn't bad. Or good. It just is. Fat is just fat. It's a part of the make up of our bodies that we need to survive. Some people have more fat than others. Some have a lot more. It doesn't make someone unhealthy. It doesn't make someone unnatractive. Reject false "ideals". Reject false ideas. (Continued in the comments below)

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Sarah Frances Young sa lieči z atypickej mentálnej anorexie. Jej instagramový účet do sveta šíri pozitívne vibrácie a správy ako “odmietnite falošný ideál krásy”, “pár kíl navyše vás nerobí neatraktívnymi”. V tomto duchu nemá problém s ukázaním svojich vlastných nedostatkov.

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Since I began my Swim Challenge under 6 weeks ago, I never expected to feel as great as I do. I’ve lost weight and gained strength but what’s really important is being able to mentally feel great without putting stress on my body. Without any type of movement my outer scarring gets tighter from gaining weight and my contractures cause debilitating pain. We should all be able to be happy in our own skin regardless of if we need to work out for a medical condition or want to work out without pressure from others on social media. Be You Be Youtiful Enjoy your Life #LiveYourBestLife #EmbraceYourBody #Skin #scars #BurnSurvivor #Swimmer #loveyourbody #bopowarrior @thisgirlcanuk @swimwear365 @nivea_uk @swimengland @sport_england @adidas_swim @zoggsuk @speedouk 👌🏼❤️🏊🏼‍♀️👙🧜‍♀️

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Sylvia Mac prežila požiar, ktorý jej na tele zanechal viditeľné popáleniny. Sylvia ale nie je človek, ktorého by to obmedzilo, prijala sa taká, aká je a užíva si život plnými dúškami. Svetu odkazuje, že by mal robiť to isté.

@gracewoodward – 21,5 tisíc sledovateľov

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I posted this unseen, unretouched shot from my @ninety_percent campaign on stories yesterday. Over the next 7 hours I really lost my shit over it. Kept looking, seeing if anyone commented, showed my mates and they were like it’s fine what’s the problem, you look normal! But I felt so nervous about it I took it down. It’s one of the first times I’ve done an official campaign with my deliberately soft body (last year I would have edited the FK outta this btw) but actually what’s wanging my head is I’m not representing ‘pretty’ or ‘instafuckable’ ie I’m nervous about looking challenging. It seems the conditioning goes deep in me the fear of being seen as a bitch or a difficult woman, which fuck yes I can be, why shouldn’t I be allowed to be ugly and angry and be ok with it? Why does this woman always get vilified? The pursuit of being pretty and accepted/liked has taken up too much of my head space. I’d like to use this post to help us all fuck off being told pretty or worse fuckable is an ambition, to let in space for our real power. #nastywoman #witch #fuckpretty 📸#bodyofworkproject @bridieosullivan_

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Módna štylistka a televízna moderátorka Grace Woodward sa stala v posledných rokoch aktivistkou zdravej sebalásky. Na svojom instagram účte uverejňuje inšpiratívne odkazy a neretušované fotografie.

@_selflovesquad_ – 30,2 tisíc sledovateľov

Tento feministicky založený instagramový účet vám zdvihne náladu a sebavedomie každý deň. Patrí ku veľkým odporcom modelingových spoločností a skresleného ideálu dokonalých ženských mier.

@karinairby_raw – 52 000 sledovateľov

Karina Irby je známa influencerka. Na účet postuje fotky zo všetkých uhlov pohľadov a všetkými nedokonalosťami, aké človek môže mať. Celulitída, nafúknutý žalúdok, dvojitá brada – koho to trápi? Karina je stále krásna žena. „Prestaňte sa snažiť byť niekým, kto neexistuje”, odkazuje.

@abeauty_and_abeast_ – 54,5 tisíc sledovateľov

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You are worthy and valuable. You are a gift and your presence matters to your intimate community and the world at large. You are inherently important and significant, and you contribute. You put energy into the universe every moment you’re alive. You are the flap of a butterfly’s wing that changes the fabric of someone’s universe. Your presence has an impact. All this is true despite the things you perceive as flaws; your worth is the same, whether you are able to see it clearly right now or not. You might not believe it, but you can choose to repeat it to yourself in whispered tones in the back of your mind as you battle the self-loathing spurned from society’s twisted expectations…”I’m worthy. I matter. I’m important and the world is a better place because of me.” Like the flame of the smallest candle lit in the darkness, one echoing voice in the deepest caverns of your mind: “I MATTER.” And it expands, takes hold, and fills the space with its light. Your thoughts have power. It takes time to grow it. You may have to re-light the candle many times and fan the flames with all your might to bring them to life. You can. You’re strong enough. The world needs you to keep offering your gifts. Keep fighting; its worth it. YOU are worth it.

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Makayla sa zotavuje z poruchy príjmu potravy a sebaubližovania. Jej instagramový účet nesie jasné a silné posolstvo: je o hľadaní, vytváraní a obohacovaní vlastného “ja” každého človeka.

@bryonygordon – 92,8 tisíc sledovateľov

Bryony Gordon je britská novinárka, spisovateľka a obhajkyňa duševného zdravia. Tento rok získala cenu za beh londýnskeho maratónu v spodnom prádle a jej “insta” účet dýcha pozitivizmom. Hovorí, že jej telo je pre ňu perfektné, pretože odnosilo zdravé dieťa, prenieslo ju cez dva maratóny a udržalo naživo počas jej problémov s príjmom potravy, bulímiou, drogami a alkoholom. „Po tom všetkom už nikomu nedovolím, aby sa k môjmu telu správal bez rešpektu”, tvrdí.

@jess_megan_ – 114 000 sledovateľov

Britská modelka Jessica Megan uverejňuje fotografie, ktoré oslavujú ženské telá vo svojej prirodzenosti. Ak sa nemusia holiť chlapi, nemusím to robiť ani ja”, odkazuje.

@joannvdherik – 120 000 sledovateľov

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This picture is out of my comfort zone. Because like all of you, I’ve always been obsessed with creating the perfect picture. If I post body positivity posts, showing my belly rolls, showing my cellulite, I always do it at my safe place and that’s at home. I never did it in beautiful place like this one, because I wanted to create a perfect photo. But I wanna change that. Even now, I still try to make my body look as good as possible sometimes. It’s the pressure that the media give us. This urge to be perfect all the time. So instead of posting a perfect picture, posing so my belly looks flat, my legs look thin, I’m posting this picture where you can see everything society sees as wrong; telling you that you are more than your appearances, more than your Instagram, more than what you see in the mirror, and definitely more than the “perfect” image. Remember that every time you have negative thoughts about yourself ❤️ #LoveYourBody 🌸 SEND ME YOUR BIKINI PHOTO IN DM AND I’LL SHARE IT IN MY STORY 🌸

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Joann Van Den Herik to ako sesternica modeliek Gigi a Belly Hadid nemá ľahké. Sama tvrdí, že ju niekedy tlak spoločnosti prinúti opovrhovať svojim telom, ale bojuje s tým a snaží sa čo najviac vychádzať zo svojej komfortnej zóny publikovaním reálnych fotiek.

@jadasezer – 204 000 sledovateľov

Plus-size modelka Jada Sezer odbehla londýnsky maratón v spodnom prádle spolu s Bryony Gordon. Jej posolstvo? Fitness nemá veľkostné obmedzenie.

@calliethorpe – 204 000 sledovateľov

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It’s #nationalbikiniday today and I want to talk about why I still keep harping on about why it’s okay to wear a bikini no matter what your size. If you’ve been following me a long time you might think ‘why does she keep bloody harping on about this’ well here’s why: It’s easy to think that everyone is at the same point in their life with confidence and self love, where they feel comfortable enough to wear swimwear on a beach. But it’s not the case. I’ve had messages from women who have told me they have never taken their children swimming out of fear or those who shudder at the thought of revealing their body. Or girls who won’t travel out of fear of being in swimwear with their friends and it reminds me that there is work still to be done. Visibility matters and seeing other people speak up against the ridiculous beauty standards we are put under is not only important but necessary. It’s still not easy being in a bigger body and wearing a bikini. At best we are mocked and laughed at, or made into memes. At worst we are verbally assaulted (has happened to me irl) or targets of online hate. So anyway today I wanted to say It’s okay if you’re not ready to wear a bikini, maybe you start off by wearing a dress with no leggings, or shorts or a swimsuit with a cover up. It takes baby steps and part of that is seeing others do it. I hope when you feel ready you can pass on the chain and encourage others to do the same ❤️💕

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Ďalšia krásna plus-size modelka Callie Thorpe patrí medzi silné zástankyne sebalásky, no pravdou je, že so svojim telom má občas problém. Tvrdí, že je to úplne prirodzené a každá žena má pochybnosti. Verí, že raz sa dostane do stavu úplnej spokojnosti a praje to všetkým.

@chessiekingg – 394 000 sledovateľov

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What if you wake up one day when you’re 80 & you never went in the sea because you didn’t want to get in a swimsuit because you ‘hated’ your wobbly thighs? ❤️ What if you forgot to enjoy your life with your bestfriends & missed out on all their birthdays because you were in the gym trying to get a ‘juicy peach’ 🧡 What if you never wore that incredible dress you had in your wardrobe for 10 years because you lost confidence in yourself when you saw that woman wearing it after your bought it at that party? 💛 Don’t let any of this happen, you are stronger than you think. Make bestfriends with your body & you will find the happiest, healthiest version of you 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩 #dearbodythankyou

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Britská influencerka Chessie King nabáda svojich odberateľov, aby sa sústredili na to, čoho sú ich telá schopné, nie aké sú veľké. Každá pekná instagramová fotka má svoju odvrátenú stranu.

@mypaleskinblog – 935 000 sledovateľov

Akné trápi priemerne 60% populácie a to nehovoríme len o tínedžeroch s rozbúrenými hormónmi. Nepekná pleť u dospelých je veľakrát dôvodom zníženého sebavedomia. Blogerka Em Ford s ňou tiež bojuje, ale svojím spôsobom – nebojí sa ju ukázať a tvrdí, že k úspechu a spokojnému životu nepotrebujete dokonalú tvár bez chýb.

@celestebarber – 1 milión sledovateľov

Absolútnou jednotkou je Celeste Barber. Získala viac ako milióna fanúšikov vďaka svojim veselým napodobeninám obrázkov zvyčajne postovaných modelmi a hercami. Jej fotografie nielen rozosmievajú, ale hlavne pripomínajú, že dokonalé fotky, ktoré vidíme všade okolo nás, nepredstavujú skutočný život.

Nechcite od svojej ženy, aby bola dokonalá. Želajte si len, aby vedela, že dokonalá nie je.” Jean Rostand

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