Magazín, ktorý tvoríme spolu

Dvojica roky konzumuje iba ovocie. Tvrdí, že frutariánstvo má množstvo benefitov

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Tina a Simon vidia v čisto ovocnej strave množstvo výhod.

39-ročná Tina Stoklosa z poľskej Varšavy bola v rodnej krajine renomovanou dizajnérkou. Celý svoj dospelý život ale bojovala s nadváhou a tak sa raz pred Vianocami rozhodla pre očistu. Zistila totiž, že existujú ľudia, ktorí konzumujú výhradne iba ovocie a tak sa z dňa na deň rozhodla okúsiť frutariánstvo na vlastnej koži.

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You can see why Jerantut was our favorite place to stay and why we stayed there so long: this was our typical fruit haul for the day. It wasn’t just fruits: we also found a wooden bungalow atop a hill to stay in, a waterfall to go to, a semi-secluded river to bathe in, plenty of coconut stands, native folk selling lowianus and a morning market full of jungle fruits at affordable prices. What else could you ask for? Not that Jerantut ‘is happening’ in any way – its just a very small sleepy that had everything we wanted. Not sure it would have been quite as attractive to anyone else – in all the time we were there only twice did we see a western tourist stay there for the night before a ‘jungle trek’ in the national park – pretty much the only tourist attraction around. Shame it took as so long to find Jerantut! We only reached it in the last leg of our 2 month motorcycle road trip thro Malaysia. How did we find it? Well it didnt figure in any travel guides, thats for sure. It was thorough research and hundreds of kilometers on the road. We were in the market for some more lowianus before we left Malaysia for good so we used our tried and tests method – we researched hashtag #durenhutan on Istagram, which means jungle durian and is what the locals call it. If we found the location where pic was taken (can be tricky, ppl just dont use geotags, you know?) then we’d put a pin in that spot on google maps. After considerable research we had 5 pins of lowianus sightings within 100km of Jerantut in the last 2 weeks so it was just a question of a three day detour. Of course, we could have just gone to Hulu Langkat where we ate the lowianus before but we didnt like the feel of the place – it felt a little eery and we didnt even stay the night there the first time round nor were we tempted to return. Im just happy we discovered Jerantut – our journey thro Malaysia ended on a good note ☺️ Pictured from left: bananas – the generous vendors give them to us for free. Next: durio lowianus, best thing in town. Two regular durio zibethinus kampung, excellent, one white one yellow. A lowianus-zibethinus hybrid, limes, pineapple, duku, mangosteen, watermelon. Good stuff!

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Ovocná strava Tine vyhovovala, schudla vďaka nej a po čase jej začala prekážať západná kultúra. Rozhodla sa teda nechať prácu dizajnérky a z Poľska sa presťahovala na Bali. Tam si založila účet na Instagrame, kde následne zdieľala so svetom svoj frutariánsky život. Práve vďaka tomu spoznala o trinásť rokov mladšieho Simona Beuna z Belgicka, ktorý taktiež prešiel na frutariánsku stravu. Dvojica sa do seba zamilovala a odvtedy pár tvoria už viac než tri roky.


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Part 2 of 2 ✨ If only I could only explain what a difference the ten years made – at 29 I felt like I had the body of a 60 year old and was extremely miserable in my head. At 39 I feel light – both mentally and physically. I feel more alive than ever. At all times of the day I feel race ready – I can just get up and run, I have so much energy I can keep up with sporty 20 year olds on a 5h trail. A lot of it was mental – thro yoga I found the divine state of self-love, not just self-acceptance. Yes, it would have been ideal if I found self-acceptance for myself in the 83kg body. Im sorry to say that for me that just seemed like an impossible circus trick to pull – I hated myself too much back then. The mental and physical transformation had to happen simultaneously. But back to fruit. The first fruitarian I found on Youtube was Freelee who Im super grateful for to this day. I jumped on the fruit wagon, ate 30 bananas and exercised for 2hrs a day – I believed that if I copied her, one day I would wake up and look exactly like her. I felt amazing on fruit, looked years younger, but the excess weight wouldn’t budge. Even after 2 years fruitarian I was still on the verge of obese on the BMI scale weighing 12kg (27 lbs) more than I do now. If you followed me here on Insta back then – this is why you didn’t see a single pic of me – I was too embarrassed to be the world’s only fat fruitarian. It was more Fat Shortie than Fit Shortie. Real life was worse – how many times at the table I was ridiculed for eating so much sugar by stick-thin girlfriends on the paleo diet. Being overweight I felt helpless as a fruitarian ambassador, but I wasn’t going to quit just yet. So what was I doing wrong? SLEEP (and the sun exposure needed for sleep). The moment I moved to Bali and made a few lifestyle tweaks – all the extra weight melted off effortlessly in just 2 months! Who would have thought something as simple as sleep was the one thing I needed for weight loss? ✨ Intrigued? If you want to know the science behind sleep and weight-loss, go to our Patreon where I continue this lengthy post, sharing my sleep for weight-loss results in detail! See you there, link in bio!

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Presenting the best bunch of bananas we’ve ever eaten, randomly found on a hunt for morning cocos in Gerik [heading back, Jerantut-Penang stretch] The owner of the fruit stand called them ‘awok lego’ bananas, but for us they fell into the category of what we call apple bananas. Juicy, moist, creamy with tiny seeds inside and a great chewy apple freshness. Think: banana-apple ice cream with arabic gum. The bomb! We bought the whole branch and devoured them over the next days in Penang. Never have we had a better ‘nana. Yes, sometimes they are better than durian! ✨ . . . . #rawfood #rawvegan #durian #801010 #fruitarian #tropicalfruit #cuticutimalaysia #malaysianfood #vegantravel #foodtravel #visitmalaysia #lovetoeat #plantbasedfood #plantbaseddiet #plantpowered #vegandinner #highcarb #superfood #intermittenfasting #edrecovery #fruit #veganmeal #highcarbvegan #exoticfruit #bananas #gerik #banana

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Obaja tvrdia, že už 2 roky si neumývajú zuby, pretože to za nich robí vláknina obsiahnutá v ovocí. Ešte bizarnejšie však je ich tvrdenie, že ovocná strava môže vyliečiť množstvo chronických chorôb a aj rakovinu.



Predtým než by ste sa touto frutariánskou dvojicou z Bali inšpirovali, pamätajte, že ľudský jedálniček by mal byť vyvážený a aj to, že ovocie síce obsahuje zdravý cukor, nadmerná konzumácia by nemusela viesť k úbytku váhy ale práve naopak.



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